How to Tackle Overgrown Trees

By May 27, 2021Tree Care

People seem to maintain their homes – regularly clearing gutters, repainting the walls and repointing chimneys, but somehow, maybe because they are outside and out of mind, trees are often neglected.

Trees don’t need a lot of care, but they do need regular care to keep them at their best and to protect your property and those of your neighbours.

Trees are like an iceberg, in that the roots you can’t see are at least as big as the ones you can. Attracted to water, tree roots love drains and can cause a lot of damage if left to their own devices. Sometimes trees are planted too near a property for their size and the only way to deal with the problem is to remove the tree. But we love trees and will always try to save a tree if we can.

Call in the experts

We are most commonly called to advise on overgrown trees when a client has just bought a property with a large garden and several established trees. This is a good move as just leaving large trees to fend for themselves can be a false economy and maybe an expensive mistake.

Please don’t think you can deal with the large tree yourself. Apart from the real risk of falling off a ladder (48,000 people went to A&E in 2019 having fallen off a ladder at home), chainsaws are dangerous tools and should only be used by a skilled operator and certainly not by someone on their own. In any case, you need to know what you are doing. Just cutting off branches could damage your tree. All our tree surgeons are fully NPTC-trained and expert at their job.

First, we do a tree survey

We need to come out to see your tree (s). this can be easily organised, just give us a ring.

We will consider the variety of your tree and suggest the appropriate action. It could be that we recommend crown thinning. The crown is the top of the umbrella of branches a tree typically has. Removing some branches will let in light and increase airflow which is good for the tree and your garden. We may also suggest removing dead and diseased branches. The idea is to balance your tree, so it looks aesthetically pleasing but improves its health at the same time.

Tree pruning involves removing dead wood and cutting carefully to encourage new growth and manage tree size.

If your tree is badly diseased, too near the house or you just don’t like it, you could consider removing it. Bear in mind you may need permission from your Council to do so. This is especially true if you live in a conservation area. Instead of just leaving the ugly stump, we also offer a root grinding service where we grind the trunk to within a few centimetres below ground level, so the tree is gone forever.

Once we have looked after your trees, we may need to revisit as little as once a year in Croydon or Leatherhead to check everything is OK. Of course, if you have any problems in the meantime, do give us a ring.