There are several tree services you can choose to help preserve the health of your trees and hedges. However, if the tree has become dangerous or inconvenient in terms of its size, proximity to your property or its condition, the best solution is to completely remove it from the area. For this next project, we performed an ash tree removal in Epsom, Surrey.

The Project: Safe Removal of an Ash Tree

Having successfully completed work for their neighbour, we received a word of mouth referral and were asked to visit this Surrey home about a tree which needed removing.

This single ash tree was located in the rear garden of their property. As you can see from the images, the tree had become quite large, so we needed to assess the safest way to remove it from the area.

Straight tree felling is a great option if there’s enough space around the tree, but in this case, there was a greenhouse and flower beds directly below, so section felling would be necessary. This would require removing the ash tree one section at a time.

The Results

Whenever this type of tree removal is undertaken, safety is the priority, as well as protecting the property as each part of the tree is removed. Our expert team ensured the ash tree fell as close to the ground as possible while using lowering ropes to carry sections down where necessary. This helped to avoid any damage to the neighbouring greenhouse under the tree and our client’s plants and flowers. Our arborists worked as efficiently as possible to ensure the job was carried quickly for our client.

We also provided the ideal solution to stop tree re-growth which can be an issue if you don’t treat the stump appropriately. Once the tree was removed as near to the ground as it could be, we poisoned the stump with eco plugs. These can be inserted directly into the stump to slowly kill the entire root system without disturbing the ground. This effective method is one of the best ways to ensure you don’t have problems with the removal site further down the line.

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