While we always strive to help our customers maintain tree health, when a tree becomes overgrown or dies, it’s important to ensure it isn’t risking the safety of those below or any structures close to its location.

For this next project, we attended a property in Sutton, South London, where a tree had become unsafe.

The Project: Safe Reduction of a Dead Pine Tree in March

Our client had a large dead pine tree situated on their property, and they asked the team at DH Tree Services to come and assess what could be done. They wanted to bring it down to a safe height to eliminate any of the tree’s limbs falling off. Because of the tree’s poor health, the branches were in danger of falling onto the driveway area which could put others at risk and damage the ground.

We started by risk assessing the situation and examined the condition of the pine tree. Our team could see it was in terrible health and had become a very dangerous tree. There was a high risk of it damaging our client’s new driveway, so it needed pruning as soon as possible.

The Results

Due to its condition and height, the tree could not be climbed, so we needed to find another solution. The only way our expert arborists could reduce the pine tree’s height was to hire a MEWP (mobile elevated work platform) which is commonly known as a cherry picker. This gave us the flexibility to safely reach the highest parts of the tree which needed removing.

As you can see from the images, the tree had grown extremely high, so the dead parts at the top were removed. Our trained operatives worked quickly and efficiently to reduce the dead tree into a habitat stick, leaving it at a safe height. Thanks to our team’s hard work, we had one very happy client who could now rest assured his new driveway wasn’t at risk.

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