While maintaining tree health is always important, when a tree becomes overgrown or isn’t practical where it’s located anymore, a full tree removal is often the best solution. For this next project, we were called out to a property in Sutton in January 2019 where our client requested our tree removal services.

The Project: Safe Removal of a Large Pine Tree

Our customer initially contacted us thanks to hearing about our impressive reputation in the local area via a word of mouth referral. For this project, they were a returning customer, knowing we were the right team for the job.

As you can see from the images, this pine tree was situated in the client’s front garden and had become extremely tall and overgrown over the years. Being located so close to the front of the property, it was important to remove the tree as quickly and as safely as we could.

After an assessment was carried out, it was agreed that the pine tree would need to be removed in stages to ensure we took into account the safety of the client’s house, as well as anyone around the site.

The Results

As there wasn’t enough clear space around the tree, section felling was the best solution here. This involved felling the tree one section at a time, starting with the lower branches. We used lowering ropes to bring each section down to the ground where necessary to eliminate the risks of any damage being caused to the client’s property.

Our experienced team successfully managed to remove the entire pine tree safely and efficiently from the front garden area. The expert tree felling methods used ensured it was removed as close to ground level as possible, grinding out the arising stump to 6 to 9 inches below ground level.

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