What Are the Benefits of Tree Pruning?

By March 19, 2021March 31st, 2021Tree Care

There are lots of different ways you can maintain your garden and outdoor spaces during the year, and tree pruning should be an essential part of any plans you have. Here are some of the key benefits of this service.

Tree maintenance experts - Guide to the benefits of tree pruningImprove Tree Resilience

The Great British weather sees our environment face many different kinds of weather, from heavy rainfall to strong winds. Pruning trees is a great way to improve their structural integrity, helping them to withstand harsh weather conditions such as storms, which could otherwise leave them damaged. It also helps to minimise dangers such as falling branches, which could harm or cause injury to anything (or anyone) below the tree. When trees become too damaged in stormy weather, the only option left may be tree felling.

Crown thinning could help to prevent wind sailing, removing some of the foliage to allow wind to move more freely within the crown, rather than the tree losing strength when trying to resist forceful winds.

Control Growth

Overgrown trees can start to cause issues, especially if they grow too close to a property, neighbour’s boundary, guttering or power lines. An overcrowded canopy can also result in more branches rubbing closely together, causing them to become weaker. Through regular tree pruning, you can keep the growth of your trees under control.

A professional tree surgeon may recommend a crown reduction to help make the tree safer and control the spread of branches and roots. You could also opt for crown lifting to open up more space below the tree.

Increase Garden Sunlight

The larger a tree gets, it can reduce sunlight reaching the rest of your garden. Crown thinning could also help more natural light to shine through the canopy into your outdoor spaces while increasing the tree’s own exposure to the sun.

Enhance Tree Health

If you ask an experienced arborist to help with tree pruning duties, they can advise about the best ways to enhance the health of your garden’s trees. This includes removing dead and diseased wood, while increasing airflow through the foliage, encouraging new limb growth and discouraging any pests from remaining in the tree.

Shape Your Trees

Trees will need encouragement if you want them to look or grow in a certain way, so pruning them can help you get the shape you want, especially if it promotes more flowering in the right places. The right tree shape can support all the benefits we’ve touched upon here while improving the appearance of the trees in your garden. You could even ask for a tree surgeon to be involved if you’re planning a garden landscaping project.

Do you need professional tree pruning services?

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