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All sizes of tree stumps grinded


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All tree types and heights


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Support for storm damage or diseased trees


Tree and Hedge Planting

We plant trees as well as trimming them!


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Local arborists for professional tree services in and around Leatherhead and Ashtead

DH Tree Services are a team of friendly, enthusiastic and professional tree surgeons working within Leatherhead, Ashtead and the surrounding areas. With a wealth of knowledge, experience and specialist equipment, we provide both domestic and commercial customers a high standard of tree management and tree maintenance, alongside other landscaping services. All work we carry out is to the current British Standard BS3998, backed up by comprehensive insurance, for your peace of mind.

We have expertise in:

  • Tree felling & removal
  • Tree pruning
  • Hedge cutting / trumming
  • Crown reduction
  • Stump removal
  • Emergency tree work
  • Tree planting
  • Garden clearance
  • Seasoned logs

All our arborists are fully qualified and before any work is completed, we will always carry out local authority checks, including checking for Tree Preservation Orders, to ensure we can proceed. We pride ourselves on our reputation locally for excellent customer service and have a loyal clientele. We score extremely highly on independent website Recent reviews include:

Pruning of several trees in the back garden in KT22
Excellent service. Left clean and tidy. Very professional and polite. 10/10

Tree fell and removal in Malden Rushett
Polite to deal with and workmanship was excellent. The job was done exactly as they said. 10/10

Cutting back trees, tree removal in Fetcham
Fantastic service, Dan and his team are friendly, reliable and great at what they do. 10/10

For a quote or to discuss our services, call us now on 01737 215 718 or 07872 615 504.

Tree removals near to you in Leatherhead

In some cases, trees need to be removed. Reasons include disease, danger, subsidence or the fact they have outgrown the space they are in. We are very experienced in all areas of tree felling and use an extensive range of equipment to ensure the tree is removed safely, avoiding any damage to the surrounding area. We also offer a tree stump removal service to remove the base of the tree, if required.

We remove trees one of two ways. When space allows, we can fell a tree in one go. This is done by making a series of cuts close to the base of the tree, so it falls in a controlled manner in a specific direction. However, in residential areas, there is often not enough space for a tree to be straight felled, so we dismantle the tree in a safe and controlled manner using rope systems. Parts of the tree that are then lowered to the ground to a designated work area

Tree pruning and crown reduction in KT18, Ashtead

Here at DH Tree Services, we can help with all aspects of tree pruning. Whether you would like to let more light through a tree, reduce its overall size or clear a walkway, we can help.

The main tree pruning options include:

  • Crown reduction: This is done to reduce the height or spread of the crown. It should retain the main framework of the crown and to keep it in its most ‘natural’ form as possible.
  • Crown thinning: This is often done because the crown is very dense and there is not enough light penetrating through it, to the rest of the garden or property. This does not alter the overall size or shape of the tree and not only allows more light to pass through the crown but will reduce the weight of the tree and wind resistance.
  • Crown lifting: This is an excellent way of getting more light into the garden and reduces the height of tree by removing lower hanging branches.
  • Pollarding: This is done in the interest of safety and removes many of the tree’s branches to limit future growth. It is often done to trees that were originally planted as hedgerow or boundary trees.
  • Formative pruning: This is done of young trees to help to guide their shape and growth . It can be particularly helpful for young fruit trees.

Hedge trimming and maintenance in Ashtead

Are your hedges taking over your garden? Get in touch with the team at DH Tree Services. We provide a prompt and efficient hedge trimming service, to improve the look and health of your hedges and we work with both domestic and commercial customers in your local area.

Stump grinding and stump removal in Leatherhead

Here at DH Tree Services, we use the latest high-performance equipment to safely remove tree stumps. No matter the size of the job, we can always assist. We also offer a stump treatment, where we apply herbicide to the stump to kill both the stump and the roots.

Call our local tree surgeons in Leatherhead and Ashtead for a quote!

To book our arborists for a no-obligation consultation today, please 01737 215 718 or 07872 615 504. Alternatively you can email or fill out an online enquiry form and we will give you a call back!

For expert tree surgeons in Croydon or Dorking, call DH Tree Services.

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