Why Is Hedge Trimming Essential?

By March 12, 2020September 15th, 2020Garden Care

Hedges serve a multitude of purposes, from forming an attractive garden border to enhancing privacy and security at a property. However, keeping them well-maintained is essential if you want to manage their condition, size and shape. Here are just a few of the reasons hedge trimming is highly recommended, whether it’s for a hedge at a home, business or on public land.

Prevent Overgrown Hedges

Hedge trimming should take place regularly, at least once a year once the shrub or bush is established. Otherwise, it could become overgrown. Not only can this look untidy, but it could start to infringe on buildings or other plants if not carefully managed. We’ve even been asked to reduce hedgerows in Redhill before for blocking satellite signals. You could also find neighbours’ properties and gardens start to become affected by the overgrowth, so they may put in a complaint. If you’re concerned about the size of any hedges at your property, contact a local arborist or tree care expert to assess the situation.

Support Growth

While you don’t want hedges to become too overgrown, trimming can also help stimulate normal growth. This is vital in the first few years of a hedge’s life, so formative pruning is highly advised if you want it to thrive upwards and outwards to a good size. Hedge trimming during these early stages can establish the density of the hedgerow. Experienced arborists will carefully time hedge trimming services to stimulate better growth, tailoring the methods used to the type of hedge and its composition.

Achieve Healthier Hedges

While trimming your hedges may seem counterproductive when you want them to grow, it can actually improve the quality of the foliage – much like if you go for a trim at the hairdressers! Regular pruning ensures the hedge becomes strong and healthy, enhancing its appearance and lifespan. It stops how easily the hedge gets damaged in bad weather, as well as removing dead and diseased parts of the plant. Trimming can also maintain how dense your hedge is, which is particularly important if it’s a factor in your property’s privacy.

Shape Your Hedges

As hedges get older, their growth can become a little unruly. Hedge trimming controls the shape of your hedges and their overall look, fitting in nicely with your garden’s appearance. Hedge and tree pruning is also worth consideration if you’re planning on selling your home, as it could put buyers off if they see a garden which needs a lot of work doing.

Achieve attractive, healthy and strong hedges with expert hedge trimming services.

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