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Local tree surgeons in and around Coulsdon and Chipstead, Surrey, for tree services

DH Tree Services are a highly-qualified and small team of professional tree surgeons. We aim to provide the very best service for our customers, from initial enquiry, through to the completion of any work. Working in Coulsdon, Chipstead and throughout Surrey, we offer the highest standards of workmanship and customer service, as well as keeping up to date with the latest tree surgery techniques and safety procedures.

Our NPTC-qualified tree surgeons work for domestic homeowners, commercial companies and local authorities and provide a wide range of tree services.

What is tree surgery? This is the practice of managing trees, shrubs and hedges to make sure they are in a safe and healthy condition. If trees and hedges are left alone and not managed, they may become out of control and hazardous.

Understanding our customers’ needs is important to us and we will take time to discuss your requirements before suggesting the best tree care solutions. All our work is done to benefit the health of trees and plants and sometimes rather than tree felling, trees will just need pruning to make them safe to be around.

Our main services include (though are not limited to):

  • Tree felling and removal
  • Tree pruning
  • Hedge cutting and trimming
  • Tree planting
  • Crown reduction
  • Crown lifting
  • Pollarding
  • Formative pruning
  • Crown thinning
  • Garden clearances
  • Seasoned logs
  • Emergency tree work
  • Tree stump grinding
  • Tree stump removals
  • Tree consultancy

Tree surgeon near you in Old Coulsdon, Surrey

We can check for Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) and trees within Conservation Areas and can advise about all the legal implications when it comes to dealing with trees with TPOs, as well as contacting your local authority on your behalf to make a planning application. Our tree surgeons also work throughout Purley and Oxshott.

Contact us today with all your tree maintenance needs on 01737 215 718 or 07872 615 504.

Specialist stump grinding and tree stump removals in Chipstead (CR5)

Once a tree has been felled the stump will remain in the ground. Sometimes this will not be a problem and it will naturally rot and decay. However, you may wish for the stump to be removed, such as in these situations:

  • The stump is on a site, which needs to be redeveloped
  • The stump is becoming an eyesore for you and your neighbours
  • The stump is taking up space, which you would like to use for planting, re-turfing or another use
  • The stump is attracting vermin and harbouring diseases, which could affect other tree life
  • The stump is sprouting new roots

One of the most common ways to remove a tree stump is with tree stump grinding. We use specialist stump grinding machines, which can get into tight spaces close to walls and fences and remove your stump, whilst not disturbing the surrounding areas. We can also use a herbicide treatment to kill the stump.

Coulsdon hedge trimming, maintenance and removals

DH Tree Services offers one-off and regular hedge trimming and cutting, as well as hedge reducing techniques and removals. This is an important part of garden maintenance because hedges often surround properties, providing privacy and give aesthetic appeal.

Different species of hedges require trimming at differing times throughout the year and we will be able to advise you about the best times for hedge trimming.

Fully insured, emergency tree surgeons in Coulsdon

Do you need to hire an expert tree surgeon in Coulsdon for emergency tree services? Our arborists are on standby 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to complete all types of emergency tree work.

Sometimes trees can fall without warning and can cause damage to property, driveways, and paths. Falling trees will block access points for emergency services and can disrupt everyone’s daily routine.

Our tree care company can deal with all types of emergency tree situations and we will work quickly and efficiently to get things back to normal as quickly as we can.

Our standard procedure for dealing with tree emergencies includes:

  • Securing the area with barrier tapes and warning signs
  • Assessing the damage and noting it in case of insurance for insurance purposes
  • Cutting and removing fallen or dangerous trees
  • Removing all types of debris and waste so the area is spotless
  • Ensuring the whole area is safe and accessible

Tree maintenance will ensure that trees remain healthy disease and pest free so they are far less likely to fall during storms or bad weather. If you are concerned about your trees and think that need they need to be looked at, we can send out a tree surgeon to inspect your trees and look for any issues that may cause a potential threat in the future.

Please call now on 07872 615 504.

Chipstead tree felling by our experienced tree surgeons

Trees often need to be removed due to ill health or if they are potentially dangerous to people or surrounding properties. Felling a tree may also be required if the tree is causing structural damage to property or if the tree has become too large for its location.

Here at DH Tree Services, we specialise in the safe removal of trees, by straight or sectional felling. Straight or directional felling is where a wedge is removed from the bottom of the tree, bringing it down safely in one go. In built-up areas, we are more likely to sectionally dismantle trees, using our advanced rigging and lowering devices to lower the tree to the ground in sections.

Call us for quotes for tree pruning and tree surgery in Coulsdon and Chipstead

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