Start this spring with a garden clearance. Plan the work, assess whether tree felling is required & find the best ways to use your garden spaces. Check whether your garden clearance company is a professional tree surgeon.

Start This Spring with a Garden Clearance

By Garden Care

Over the colder months of the year, it’s easy for gardens to become unruly, so as spring approaches, it’s a great idea to plan an outdoor space that works for you. Perhaps you’ve recently moved into a new property and inherited an overgrown garden. Or maybe you want to embark on a landscaping project, so need some help clearing the space. One of the best garden services to choose for this type of project is a garden clearance. Read More

Tree maintenance guides - how to manage storm damaged trees in your garden

How to Manage Storm Damaged Trees

By Tree Care, Tree Removal

The great British weather can wreak havoc on our outdoor spaces, so it’s vital you maintain any large trees in your garden which could cause harm to your property and pose a risk to others should they become storm damaged. However, after stormy weather, if you think it’s affected the condition of your trees, it’s important to manage what happens next as carefully as possible. Follow these top tips. Read More

Find out more about some of the safest tree felling techniques. How can you tell if a tree needs removing? Dangers of DIY tree felling. Straight tree felling vs section felling. Get advice from a professional tree surgeon.

Safe Tree Removal Methods

By Tree Care, Tree Removal

As the warmer weather hits us, many are reviewing what needs to be done in the garden, including looking at the condition of any trees. There are a few reasons why you may be considering a tree removal, but you must always put safety at the top of the list when you plan the work.

Follow our expert tips to ensure tree felling is a success. Read More

Why Is Hedge Trimming Essential?

By Garden Care

Hedges serve a multitude of purposes, from forming an attractive garden border to enhancing privacy and security at a property. However, keeping them well-maintained is essential if you want to manage their condition, size and shape. Here are just a few of the reasons hedge trimming is highly recommended, whether it’s for a hedge at a home, business or on public land. Read More