Tree Felling in Surrey

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Tree Felling

Preserving and maintaining tree health is our number one priority, but tree felling may be the best solution if a tree is diseased or damaged, has overgrown its location, or is located in an impractical place. DH Tree Services offers a tree felling service that removes your trees quickly and safely, whether they’re growing in an accessible location or somewhere more awkward, such as close to a building. Even if your tree is growing in a tight or difficult-to-reach space, we can tailor our approach to meet your needs.

Depending on the location of your tree, we either fell the whole tree at once or take it down section by section:

  • Straight tree felling can be a quick and effective solution if you have enough clear space around the tree. To straight fell your tree, we first ensure the safety of the felling area to protect nearby people, buildings and your property. This includes planning a controlled fall that won’t damage your lawn or grounds. After we secure the area, we conduct a controlled felling using ropes and felling wedges.
  • Section felling is the likely option for most sites, because many trees that require removal are located in smaller spaces. We assess the area to establish the best approach and remove the tree one section at a time. We protect your grounds and our staff from harm by using lowering ropes to safely bring each tree section to the ground.

DH Tree Services can offer advice on how you can re-use any non-diseased tree waste in your garden once your tree has been safely felled (for example, as wood chippings); equally, we’re happy to remove and recycle all tree waste if preferred. We can also help you choose new trees for your garden if you’d like to plant something different (we provide a tree planting service that can accommodate your needs).

A tree felling licence may be required, depending on the location of your tree, but we can advise you on any paperwork that you need to fill in if you do require permission to fell your tree. We also run checks to see whether your tree has a Tree Preservation Order or is located within a Conservation Area. By running these checks, we can confirm that all legal requirements have been met and no additional permission is required to fell your tree – without these checks, you may receive a hefty fine. Timing your tree removal carefully is also important to ensure that you don’t have nesting birds in your tree. Our expert team makes all the required checks before any work begins.

Contact us today to find out how we can help with your tree removal needs. We can provide you with a free, no-obligation quote that takes into account your site’s requirements.