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All tree types and heights


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Support for storm damage or diseased trees


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We plant trees as well as trimming them!


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Are you looking for professional and local tree surgeons in Reigate and Brockham?

We are a family-run, friendly and professional company of tree surgeons working in and around Reigate and Brockham and the surrounding areas. Our arborists are fully qualified and insured for the work they undertake, which includes tree felling and removal, tree pruning, tree stump removal, tree planting, crown reduction, garden clearance and more.

Unlike many tree services companies in your local area, we tailor our services directly to your needs, expectations and budget and we can take on all jobs, regardless of the size. We’re committed to delivering the total package with outstanding workmanship alongside excellent customer care, to deliver unrivalled results. We take enormous pride in remaining as flexible, accommodating and friendly as possible and much of our work comes from repeat business or word-of-mouth recommendations from existing customers.

Our services include:

  • Tree felling or tree removal
  • Tree pruning, including crown reduction, crown thinning, crown lifting, formative pruning and pollarding
  • Tree stump removal and tree stump grinding
  • Regular and one-off hedge trimming
  • Garden clearance and removal and recycling of green waste
  • Tree planting and planning
  • Seasoned logs
  • Emergency tree care and call outs

We care about our environment, so will always treat your trees and our environment in a thoughtful and respectful way. We always recycle and re-use garden and green waste where we can.

For more details about our tree services or for a free quotation, please contact us on 01737 215718 or 07872 615504.

Superior tree care and tree felling from specialist arborists in Reigate and Brockham

Tree felling is the removal of trees to ground level. DH Tree Services offers a comprehensive range of tree felling services to our commercial, domestic and industrial customers in the area. Where a tree or number of trees need to be removed, we can get the job done efficiently, quickly and safely. We have a huge range of expertise in all areas of tree felling.

Most trees need to be dismantled in sections for a variety of reasons, such as their location near houses or other properties, gardens or other trees. This is done with the use of specialist lowering equipment to ensure the safety of our staff and the general public, whilst reducing the impact on the surrounding areas.

We are highly skilled a navigating tight spaces and can tackle any project for you. We will also complete all local authority checks and complete all paperwork for you.

Emergency tree services in Reigate

Are you searching for professional emergency tree surgeons near you in Reigate? Do you have a storm-damaged tree you need taken away? DH Tree Services offers 24-hour emergency tree surgery solutions across the area. So if you have got a tree that has fallen over due to a storm, a dead tree that needs to be removed safely, or other emergency tree requirements, our arborists can efficiently remove trees or fractured boughs and make your garden safe.

Our experienced tree surgeons and tree fellers will always offer the correct methods to preserve the health of your trees, whilst always ensuring they are safe. If we are removing trees, we use a range of tree removal methods including directional felling, sectional dismantling and the use of specialist equipment. Our team is NPTC-qualified and we are fully insured for your peace of mind.

Our emergency tree work includes:

  • Tree pruning
  • Tree clearances
  • Fallen tree removal
  • Tree felling
  • Tree stump removal and stump grinding
  • Dangerous tree removal
  • Site clearance

We can provide rapid and expert deployment and are always responsive. We are available seven days a week and are local to you, so will always be with you quickly. We strongly advise you to not attempt to complete emergency tree work yourself because it can be extremely dangerous.

We can advise you about the best tree maintenance and pruning so you can potentially avoid tree storm damage in the future.

For more information or to book our emergency tree surgeons, please call now on 07872 615 504.

Reigate tree removal service

Efficient tree stump removals in Reigate and Brockham

Tree stump removal is the process where the stump is removed either using hand tools or mechanical machinery such as a stump grinder to grind out the tree stump. This prevents the roots from forming new growths and stops tree stumps becoming infected with diseases that can have a knock-on effect on the rest of your garden.

Stump grinding is an environmentally-friendly solution to provides immediate results and we will choose the grinder depending on the size and location of the stump. The empty space can then be filled with sawdust or wood chippings, depending on your future plans for the cleared area. The alternative way to get rid of a stump is to use a special stump treatment, where herbicide is used to kill the stump and roots, stopping new growth.

Call our tree surgery experts in Reigate for tree stump removal, tree cutting, tree felling and all other aspects of tree and garden maintenance

For more details about how we could help you, please call us on 01737 215718 or 07872 615504, email us at or fill out an online enquiry form.

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