Seasoned Logs in Surrey

Seasoned Logs

DH Tree Services specialises in providing seasoned logs that you can use with confidence in your wood-burning stove. We store our wood carefully to produce well-seasoned logs that are ready to use, and we can also produce wood chip for use in your garden. We split and stack the wood in our well-maintained storage facility to guarantee effective seasoning, and when the wood is suitable for burning we can deliver the logs directly to you.

Seasoned logs provide an economical and safe fuel source for your home. Burning correctly seasoned logs in a fuel-efficient stove offers a low-carbon alternative to traditional fossil fuels such as coal and gas. Using wood to heat your home can also save you money on your heating bill, as burning well-seasoned wood maximises the wood’s energy potential.

Burning unseasoned logs in your home can present you with a host of problems:

  • Poorly seasoned logs retain too much moisture (well-seasoned logs have no more than 20% water content) and produce excess smoke when burned. Burning wet logs also releases tars into the stove, which settle in the flue and may cause a chimney fire. The excess smoke releases polluting particulates from incomplete fuel combustion into the air, and this smoke is hazardous to health (well-seasoned logs release very little smoke, making them more environmentally friendly).
  • Unseasoned logs are less fuel efficient – a significant proportion of a log’s weight comes from its residual water content, so poorly seasoned logs produce less heat, making them more expensive to use. (Seasoned logs weigh less than freshly cut wood because they have less moisture held inside them.)
  • Unseasoned logs can damage your wood-burning stove, because surplus smoke and tars blacken the glass and damage the flue. Wood-burning stoves are expensive to repair and replace.

We take our commitment to protecting the environment seriously, which is why we’re passionate about producing fully seasoned, fuel-efficient logs that are safe to use in your stove. We recycle waste wood from our tree felling, tree pruning and garden clearance services whenever possible to produce our seasoned logs and wood chip, so very little wood remains unused. By ordering your logs from a local supplier like DH Tree Services, you also help to minimise transport emissions from long-haul log delivery, which increases the environmental benefits of using wood for fuel.

If you have any questions about using our seasoned logs in your wood-burning stove, or how best to store your seasoned logs, please contact DH Tree Services today. We can also provide a quote for delivering seasoned logs to your home, and arrange a regular delivery schedule throughout the winter to ensure that you have enough seasoned logs to get you through the coldest months of the year.