Crown Reduction Services

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Crown Reduction

If you’re having trouble with large or overgrown trees, DH Tree Services can help. We provide a crown reduction service that is designed to improve your tree’s appearance while maintaining tree health. Crown reduction manages the height and spread of your tree’s branches using carefully targeted pruning techniques. Each pruning cut leaves a point for new tree growth, encouraging foliage to grow closer to the middle of the crown to create a natural and aesthetically pleasing tree shape.

As well as beautifying your garden, our crown reduction service brings many other benefits:

It can remove dead, decaying, diseased or damaged branches from trees, helping to protect people and buildings from the danger of falling branches.

  • It can help to eliminate ‘sail’, which makes a tree vulnerable to falling down in high winds or during storms. (In some cases, crown thinning may be a better option for reducing sail – we can advise you on the best option for your site.)
  • It can help to maintain trees at the optimal size for a given location, for example on public grounds or where trees may be encroaching upon adjacent properties.
  • It can reduce the size of a tree’s root system, which can be especially useful if the roots may cause damage to buildings or if the root system is damaged or decaying. Tree roots can damage nearby buildings due to subsidence (which usually occurs in dry seasons and in clay-based soils when the tree takes up the available water, shrinking the soil and causing the building to sink) or heave (which usually occurs following tree removal from clay-based soils, so excess soil water causes the ground to rise).
  • Before-Ash Tree Crown Reduction
    After-Ash Tree Crown Reduction
    Before Ash Tree Crown Reduction After
  • Before-Willow Tree
    After-Willow Tree
    Before Willow Tree After
  • Before-Lime tree
    After-Lime tree
    Before Lime tree After
  • Before-Holm Oak
    After-Holm Oak
    Before Holm Oak After
  • Before-Lime tree reduction
    After-Lime tree reduction
    Before Lime tree reduction After

Crown reductions should never take too much foliage from the tree – that is why we take great care to prevent unnecessary stress to the tree and sustain future growth. Our team of fully trained Arborists can advise you on the best approach for your needs while adhering to best practice guidelines.

We ideally aim to undertake crown reduction during the winter. However, we realise that your tree(s) may require attention before the time is right and we are happy to accommodate this. We can advise on the best way forward for your tree(s) and, if required, we can also stagger the crown reduction into phases.

Call us today for advice on your crown reduction requirements. We can answer your questions, provide you with the expert advice you need, and offer a competitive quote for our quick and efficient service.