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DH Tree Services are a team of friendly and professional arborists and tree care specialists based in Surrey and working throughout Redhill, Betchworth and the surrounding areas. As well as serving the domestic market, we also have a wealth of experience working with commercial and public sector customers and we follow stringent health and safety procedures and protocol.

With a wealth of experience in the tree care sector, our NPTC- qualified arborists can provide complete tree and garden services, tailored to your requirements. Our work includes tree felling and removal, tree pruning, tree stump removal and stump grinding, tree planting, crown reduction, pollarding, garden clearance and more. We take a great deal of pride in the work we do and always ensure we prepare and plan properly, through to tidying up after ourselves when any work is completed.

All our equipment is well maintained and we can carry out all local authority checks, such as checking for current Tree Preservation orders and looking into whether your tree is part of a recognised Conservation Area. We are passionate about the environment and we recycle or re-use all garden waste. When trees are pruned and felled, we produce well-seasoned logs for our customers and can also supply wood chip, if requested.

For a free, no-obligation quotation for any of our services, please contact us on 01737 215718 or 07872 615 504.

Superior tree pruning in Redhill

Our team of experienced arborists provide a wide range of tree pruning services to improve the health and cosmetic appearance of your trees. If trees are regularly pruned and maintained, this will allow them to remain safe and for natural light to filter through them to your garden, home or commercial property,

When it comes to tree pruning, each individual tree is assessed in terms of its size, location and proximity to other structures. We can recommend the best course of action, so you achieve your desired results.

Our tree pruning services includes:

  • Crown reduction: This is where the crown of the tree is made smaller or done over a certain area of the tree’s crown to correct the imbalance of any shape. It should always leave the tree with a strong framework of large branches.
  • Crown thinning: This involves the selective removal of branches to reduce the overall density of the tree, leaving it looking balanced. No more than 30 per cent of the foliage should be removed in a single year.
  • Formative pruning: This is pruning of young and semi-mature trees so they develop a strong and healthy stricture or form. It normally involves the removal of crossing and competing branches and may need to be done several times.
  • Crown lifting: This is the removal of the lowest branches to a specified height and is done by removing smaller branches. This is often done to open up a view or allow more light or space under the crown.
  • Pollarding: This when a tree is heavily cut back to limit a tree’s future growth.

We complete stump grinding in Betchworth

We can grind and remove stumps with our powerful stump grinding machinery or with the use of herbicide. We can tackle any size of stump and will always do so with the minimum ground disturbance. Once the stump has been removed, we can always fill the resulting hole with the chippings.

Hedge trimming near to you in Redhill

Our team can trim your hedges with accuracy and precision, so they stay healthy and look neat and tidy. We can advise and project manage regular hedge maintenance or are always happy to do one-off hedge trims.

Betchworth tree felling by local tree care specialists

Tree can cause obstructions on driveways or may be diseased, so will need to be removed. Tree felling requires a high level of expertise and depending on the situation, we are likely to use one of the following techniques:

  • Section tree felling: If there is risk to damage occurring to any property or harm to the public, we can remove the tree in sections. Section felled trees are dismantled and lowered using ropes.
  • Straight felling: This removes trees in a single unit and is limited to situations that pose no risk of damage to any property or people. Trees are guided using pulling ropes or other methods to control the direction of the fall.

Leylandii Hedgerow in Redhill

Leylandii hedges and conifers can grow wide and tall, so many property and landowners struggle to keep them at the size they want them to be. For this next project, we were contacted by Mick Nicholls of NSSL Global in Redhill, Surrey about reducing the height of a large conifer hedge. This would require our specialist tree surgery and hedge trimming services.

The Project: Reducing the Height of a Leylandii Conifer Hedge

Back in October 2019, DH Tree Services Ltd was called out to 6 Wells Place at Gatton Park Business Centre in Merstham, Redhill. The job required us to reduce the height of the leylandii hedgerow by two metres and trim the front as much as possible to retain its healthy growth.

As a company specialising in satellite communications and IT support, NSSL Global would be performing a huge launch soon, but they were unable to get the right satellite signal due to the overgrown trees.

The trees were located in an adjacent business property, so permission had to be granted from the owner of the trees first before we could begin.

The Results

Due to their tight launch deadline, we only had one week to complete the tree surgery so that our client would have the satellite signal they needed in time. It was a challenging task to organise the job, ensuring all relevant paperwork was in place, securing permission from the tree owner and making sure we had appropriate access.

As you can see from the photographs, this was a large task, and we needed to reach the leylandii hedgerow from the car park. Unfortunately, the company only had one car park area, so getting access and the cars moved was particularly challenging, but we eventually managed to secure the space we required. We couldn’t climb the trees due to their size, so our only option was to use a cherry picker to reach the trees, ensuring they were pruned and looked aesthetically pleasing.

Thanks to our team’s hard work, effort and planning, the job was completed on time, leaving one very happy owner.

Book Tree Pruning & Hedge Trimming Services

At DH Tree Services, we provide a wide range of tree care solutions, including expert tree pruning and crown reductions. If you would like to book our services or get a free, no-obligation quote, contact us now.

Do you require emergency tree surgeons in Redhill?

If you are looking for emergency tree surgery in Redhill, look no further than DH Trees. Our emergency tree surgeons complete a whole range of emergency tree services, including storm-damaged tree removal, fallen tree removal, site clearances, tree felling, dangerous tree removal and more.

Our NPTC-qualified arborists can handle jobs of all sizes regardless of the weather conditions they may be facing. We have all the relevant and latest equipment and always aim to complete our work professionally and to the highest standards. All emergency tree work is carefully planned and executed and we always adhere to the highest levels of health and safety.

What is emergency tree work? When a tree becomes a danger or an obstruction, we can remove trees that may already be dead or damaged by old age or weather can go storm can cause an accident. We have years of experience and knowledge and can quickly and effectively remove any trees that are potentially dangerous or causing an obstruction.

Emergency tree surgery includes:

  • A falling or fallen tree that is causing an obstruction or danger
  • A tree that has become hazardous due to an accident or storm
  • A tree that has become a danger due to old age or not being looked after

Regular pruning and reductions can keep a tree healthy and reduce the risk of a tree collapsing during a storm. If you have any concerns or queries are professional arborists can always carry out a tree survey to help assess the risk posed by any trees and advise on any pre-emptive action you can take to reduce this happening in the future.

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Redhill tree removal

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