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Friendly and professional arborists and tree services specialists in Dorking and Westcott

We are a friendly, professional and local company based in Surrey and delivering high quality tree services and garden maintenance to domestic and commercial customers in Dorking, Westcott and the surrounding regions. Our skilled and competent arborists have a wealth of experience and no job is too big or small. We believe in excellence and quality and never compromise on the high standard of work that can be achieved for our customers. As well as tree felling, tree removal, tree pruning, hedge cutting and stump removal, we can also help with emergency tree work, tree planting, garden clearance and maintenance and advice on all aspects of trees and their care. Importantly, we are passionate about trees and will give great care to the trees and hedges on your property!

All our arborists are fully insured and fully qualified to work in compliance with British Standard BS3998, enabling safe and effective workmanship. We take time to tailor our work to your requirements and budget and our team will be able to advise you about all aspects of your trees and garden. We pride ourselves on putting safety first and take great care to plan all work and will also do all the paperwork and checks before any work is started on your behalf.

Our services include:

  • Tree felling: A tree may become dangerous if it is dead or structurally defective because of disease, poor maintenance or age. We use all the latest techniques and equipment. More >
  • Tree pruning: Through pruning, our arborists can maintain tree health. Minimise danger from falling branches and manage tree size through pruning. Pruning includes crown reduction, crown thinning, crown lifting, formative pruning and pollarding. More >
  • Tree stump removal: When a tree is felled you may be left with an unwanted tree stump that needs to be removed so you can plant a new tree or other garden features. We can complete environmentally-friendly stump grinding where the stump is removed with a special machine or kill off the stump with herbicide to prevent further growth. More >
  • Hedge trimming in Reigate: From regular trimming to restoring overgrown hedges to a manageable size, we can help with all aspects of hedge trimming. More >
  • Garden clearance: If your garden is hard to manage or you are completing renovation work, we can help remove all unwanted green waste. We always recycle all green waste where possible. More >

For more information about any of our services, please call now on 01737 215718 or 07872 615504 for a free quotation.

Tree pruning and trimming in reduction and removal specialists near Dorking and Westcott

Aside from looking better, properly pruned trees will normally remain healthier and live longer.

Our tree pruning includes:

  • Crown lifting: The removal of lower branches to an agreed height by pruning an upward growing part of the branch back to the main stem.
  • Crown thinning: The aim of this is to reduce the crown density without altering the overall shape of the tree, to allow for more light to get into your garden
  • Crown reduction: This manages the spread and height of the tree’s branches and reduces the overall shape of the tree.
  • Pollarding: This traditional method of tree pruning removes most or all branches from the trunk to limit future growth.

Do you need fallen tree removal or emergency tree removal in Dorking?

Trees sometimes fall without any warning. This is often due to high winds or storms, or as a result of neglect. Fallen trees can block roads, damage buildings and cause a real problem to our everyday lives. Our team of emergency tree experts are here to respond to all tree emergencies in Dorking.

We can handle all dangerous trees efficiently, either removing fallen trees or felling dangerous trees. Tree felling is most commonly completed using sectional felling techniques where a tree is cut into manageable sections and removed for disposal.

Our NPTC-qualified arborists have a wealth of experience in removing all fallen trees, felling trees, and site clearances. We provide a 24-hour call-out service and we will always act quickly and be on-site as fast as we can. You can rely on exceptional workmanship and first-class customer service and we will get the job done with minimal disruption. We are fully insured and closely follow health and safety regulations to ensure the job is done as safely and effectively as possible.

As well as domestic clients, we work with local authorities and other commercial businesses, so we can ensure minimal disruption in the aftermath of a storm or extreme weather.

We can also visit your property and ensure your trees are well maintained. This will reduce the chance of emergency tree work being required in the future. Don’t leave it to chance if a tree is damaged or dead, there is a risk of it falling. So always call our emergency tree surgeons on 07872 615 504.

Dorking tree removal specialists

Call our local tree specialists in Dorking for tree felling, tree stump removal, tree cutting and tree maintenance.

To talk to a member of our friendly team about any of our services and your requirements, please call us now on 01737 215718 or 07872 615504. Alternatively you can email or fill out an online enquiry form and we will be as touch as quickly as we can.

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