Importance of Using Seasoned Logs in Winter

By November 10, 2020November 27th, 2020Tree Care, Tree Removal

As temperatures drop and the nights draw in, it’s the time of year when many property owners turn on their wood burning stoves. But did you know that the type of firewood you use is highly important? Here’s why you should only use seasoned logs this Winter.

What Are Seasoned Logs?

Seasoned wood has been dried out to remove much of the moisture that’s been absorbed during its time outside. Freshly cut logs can contain about 50% moisture, but this needs to come down to below 20% if you want to use it as firewood.

Have you ever wondered why firewood supplies are often stacked up? This is actually part of the seasoning process. By chopping, splitting and stacking the wood in the right way, it can help speed up the process and get the best results. The logs must be stored in an environment in which there’s good air circulation and warmth to dry the wood out properly.

Once the wood is seasoned, it will usually be paler in colour, cracked and lightweight compared to unseasoned logs.

Tree services guides - importance of using seasoned logs in WinterWhy Should You Avoid Using Unseasoned Logs?

If you use unseasoned logs that still have a lot of their moisture present, they’ll be less efficient, producing more smoke and making it difficult to keep wood stoves in a clean and healthy condition. Lighting the wood could become harder, and you may find the fire goes out quickly as more energy will be going into evaporating the moisture than keeping the fire going.

The higher amount of smoke produced could also result in a dangerous build-up of creosote in your flue (risking chimney fires), as well as causing harmful air pollution and creating dirt and discolouration within your stove.

Benefits of Using Seasoned Logs

By placing seasoned logs in your wood burning stoves, you’ll know they’re safer to use, and you’re choosing a low-carbon alternative when compared to coal or gas. The more well-seasoned the wood is, the more energy you can get out of them, keeping your home warmer using minimal amounts of the wood. Seasoned logs will emit very little smoke, creating a healthier, cleaner environment within your home.

Where to Buy Them

If you’re looking to buy firewood to stock up for Winter, always use a reputable company offering specialist seasoned log supplies. The wood needs to be split and stacked in appropriate conditions so that they are well-seasoned by the time you come to take them home. You could even use a company who will deliver them to you once effective seasoning has taken place.

Looking for a seasoned log supplier?

At DH Tree Services, we recycle much of the wood collected from our garden pruning and safe tree removal services, producing seasoned logs and wood chip which we provide to local residents. It’s a cost-effective way to get your hands on high-quality logs for your wood burning stoves while reducing your impact on the environment. We offer regular deliveries across Surrey and SW London, including Cobham, Coulsdon and Crawley.

If you’d like to place an order or ask for free advice, call now on 01737 215718 or 07872 615504.