How to Manage Storm Damaged Trees

By December 17, 2020Tree Care, Tree Removal

The great British weather can wreak havoc on our outdoor spaces, so it’s vital you maintain any large trees in your garden which could cause harm to your property and pose a risk to others should they become storm damaged. However, after stormy weather, if you think it’s affected the condition of your trees, it’s important to manage what happens next as carefully as possible. Follow these top tips.

Tree maintenance guides - how to manage storm damaged trees in your gardenSigns of a Storm Damaged Tree

After bad weather has settled, if it’s safe to do so, take a look at your trees to see if you can spot any signs of storm damage. This includes broken or hanging branches, a break in the canopy, splits in the branches or trunk, decay present, a visible root system or a tree that’s leaning to one side.

If you notice any of these signs, speak to a local tree surgeon. They may be able to repair the damage if it’s just some tree pruning or a crown reduction service required. They may even advise that a minor split will heal itself over time. If the damage is beyond repair, they can also recommend the safest tree felling methods so that the removal is well-controlled.

Dangers of Broken or Hanging Branches

If any tree branches were unstable before a storm hit or they were damaged by airborne debris or other falling structures, they could be left unsafe, especially if hanging from the tree. This poses a risk that the branch may fall and cause damage below or even risk others walking nearby.

If you’ve spotted this issue with a storm damaged tree on your property, call your local arborist without delay. They’ll often be able to prune small and some large branches to prevent further damage and help the tree heal properly, but they will need to assess the tree in person to advise an appropriate tree care plan.

Can Damage to the Tree Crown Be Repaired?

If there’s damage to the tree crown, such as the top of the tree breaking off, do not attempt to repair the problem yourself. Not only will a professional tree surgeon have the right safety equipment to work at height, but they’ll understand how to manage the issue without leaving the tree vulnerable to problems like infestations.

Whether the tree can be saved or not will often depend on where the damage has occurred, how much of the tree has been damaged and its remaining condition. Trees can have an amazing ability to recover as long as the right care is given. To protect the trees from future storm damage, ensure you book regular pruning to maintain the integrity of the branches.

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