Start This Spring with a Garden Clearance

By February 16, 2021March 1st, 2021Garden Care

Over the colder months of the year, it’s easy for gardens to become unruly, so as spring approaches, it’s a great idea to plan an outdoor space that works for you. Perhaps you’ve recently moved into a new property and inherited an overgrown garden. Or maybe you want to embark on a landscaping project, so need some help clearing the space. One of the best garden services to choose for this type of project is a garden clearance.

Planning a Garden Clearance

Spring is a great time to book a garden clearance when the weather is a little better, and you still have time to plan your new projects. A clearance restores balance and helps you gain control over your garden spaces, and it can include a range of different tasks. By contacting a garden clearance specialist, you can plan exactly what you want to do. You may have a firm idea about the jobs you’d like completed, or if they’re garden maintenance experts too, they can often advise about the best course of action to take in each area.

Assess Your Garden Trees

Popular garden clearance jobs include cutting back excess vegetation, tree stump removals, recycling large amounts of garden waste and cutting down overgrown or diseased trees. If you think you need any trees removed from your garden, always check whether the garden clearance company you hire has expertise in this area, as you should only use a qualified tree surgeon for this type of task.

In each case, they can assess the tree, understanding when tree felling is required or not. For example, there may be some trees you’d love to keep, but you’re worried they’re too damaged or diseased to save. Or you may want others cleared to create more space, but you’re unsure about safety measures or permissions required. An expert arborist can help.

Start this spring with a garden clearance. Plan the work, assess whether tree felling is required & find the best ways to use your garden spaces. Check whether your garden clearance company is a professional tree surgeon.How to Use Your New Garden Space

A garden clearance does what it says on the tin – clears more space for you to use in your garden! This could include a larger grassed area for your children to play in, room for outdoor seating or spots to plant new flower beds and shrubs. If there are features you want to keep in your garden, you could also ask your garden maintenance team to help improve those areas. This includes expert hedge trimming or reducing the crown of a large tree so that it’s well maintained.

If you’re ready to plant new trees, they could even advise about some of the varieties you may like to consider, using their expert knowledge about the best conditions for planting, size and growth requirements, and how the tree will look in the space. For example, you may want a few trees planted to help your garden not feel as overlooked, but need something which won’t be difficult to maintain or block out natural sunlight too much.

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