When Is Tree Felling Required?

By January 15, 2021March 1st, 2021Tree Care, Tree Removal

While it’s always important to preserve and maintain the health of trees wherever possible, there may be times when nothing can be done, leaving tree felling as the only remaining option. But when should trees be removed rather than saved? Here’s everything you need to know.

Damaged Trees

In the case of trees which have suffered damage, an expert arborist may need to assess what’s happened to see if they can be saved. Storm damaged trees need removing if they’re beyond help, which is sometimes the case if the trunk has badly split or the tree is leaning to one side. If larger branches are broken, it may also be more difficult for the tree to recover.

While it’s often disheartening when a tree’s life ends in this way, it does remind us of the importance of garden maintenance during the year to ensure trees withstand everything thrown at them. Once removed, if the tree isn’t diseased, you could even use the tree waste in other parts of your garden, including wood chippings.

Tree felling in SurreyDiseased Trees

Diseased trees have usually come to the end of their lifespan, and it’s essential you address this issue before the structure becomes unstable. This could even have occurred after the tree was previously damaged, leaving it vulnerable to infestations and deterioration. Diseased trees become weak over time, including branches which can easily break, creating a risk that they’ll fall and hit structures (or people!) below, blocking roads and paths. Removing the tree entirely is the only option here, and you can also ask your arborist to treat or grind the remaining stump.

Overgrown Trees

While tree pruning and crown reduction solutions are great for trees with a few overgrown branches and leaves, some have simply become too big for their location. This may be obvious through roots causing issues to surrounding land, or the canopy and branches are causing increasingly dangerous situations if situated close to power lines or buildings. In these cases, the best solution is often to remove the tree.

If the tree is located in a tight or small space, section felling will be the most appropriate felling method, safely removing and lowering each part of the tree to the ground bit by bit.

Other Considerations

If you think a tree needs removing in your garden, while you may be the lawful owner, it’s vital to get advice from an arborist or tree surgeon. They will have a much broader knowledge of the solutions available, as well as other considerations to make such as protecting wildlife using the tree, safe removal methods and whether permission is needed to perform the work. You’ll also have peace of mind that tree felling is the right option.

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